Until fixed dental bridges, there were no fixed options available to those who lost all their teeth, or who needed replacement of a full set of teeth. Today, fixed bridges attached to dental implants are the ideal fixed solution to replacing full arches with stable, permanent, and esthetic results.

Fixed bridges can help you get your life back after suffering from missing or damaged teeth. A full arch replacement can help return functionality to your teeth, preserve your facial appearance, prevent bone loss, and provide you with a trustworthy, life-long solution.

Getting a full arch replacement will require 8-10 visits to the dentist’s office. Most patients at our office reported that they were much more comfortable during and after the procedure than they had anticipated.


Course of Treatment for Fixed Bridge Delivery

There are many options available to patients with full arch tooth damage or loss. Our Brooklyn Dentist, Dr. Shahin, can inform you of your treatment options and recommend which option she thinks would be best for you. Fixed bridges are one of the most popular treatments.

1: Preoperative step

The dentist determines what the best treatment option is to prepare the patient and himself for the upcoming procedure.

2: Placing the implants

When a fixed bridge is installed, dental implants will be placed throughout the mouth to replace the missing tooth roots. After the procedure, temporary teeth will be attached to enable you to speak and eat like normal until your next appointment.

3: Attaching the bridge

Once the mouth has sufficiently healed, the bridge will be attached. It normally takes 2-3 visits to attach the bridge for a full jaw replacement.

4: End result

The full bridge will look and function very naturally.

Fixed Bridge Alternatives

There are a few less-invasive options for fixed bridges including removable full dentures, removable overdentures, and removable implant-supported overdentures in Brooklyn, NY.

Removable overdenture

These dentures are anchored to the mouth with dental implants but are fully removable. They are traditional dentures and are not recommended by most dentists today.

Removable, implant-supported overdenture

These dentures are anchored with two or more ball or bar attachments in implants toward the front of the jaw. These keep the dentures in place and provide better comfort and functionality than traditional dentures. They are fully removable.

This option is often chosen over fixed bridges because it is more affordable, however, the results of removable implant-supported overdentures and fixed bridges can’t be compared.

Removable full denture

These dentures are placed loosely on top of the gum to cover up the spaces created by missing teeth. This option is very affordable, fully removable, and easy to install.

Disadvantages of removable full dentures include affected speech, sore gums, discomfort, and difficulty eating. Full dentures for the upper jaw can reduce the ability to taste.

To express questions or concerns about fixed bridges and full arch replacement options in NYC or Brooklyn, please contact our dental office. We treat patients in Crown Heights, Park Slope, and Fort Greene as well.