Digital X-rays or radiographs are one of the newest technological advances in dentistry and are being utilized in Brooklyn Dentist. Unlike traditional dental X-rays which use film, digital X-rays use electronic sensors to capture and save X-ray images of your teeth and gums to a computer. This eliminates the time it takes to develop X-ray film and eliminates the disposal of harmful film chemicals into the environment.


With digital X-rays, your dentist in Brooklyn can instantly view and enlarge your X-ray images, allowing you to receive the dental assistance you need faster than ever before, and spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

X-rays are one of the greatest diagnostic and preventative tools a dentist can use. They reveal health conditions not visible during regular dental exams and lead to more accurate and personalized treatment plans. Our dentist, Dr. Pooria Shahin, and our dental hygienists use X-rays to detect a variety of health issues.

The faster you detect dental issues, the easier they are to treat. X-rays can save you time, money, and unnecessary pain in the long run!

Dental X-rays may reveal:

Poorly positioned teeth and roots

Congenital dental abnormalities

Cysts or abscesses

Caries between the teeth

Bone loss

Are digital dental X-rays safe?

Digital X-rays are not only faster than traditional dental X-rays but are safer too. Digital X-rays use 80-90% less radiation than traditional X-rays do. Although traditional X-rays already use a safe amount of radiation, that amount is drastically reduced with digital radiography in Brooklyn. As an extra precaution, your dentist can use a lead apron shield to protect your body from any excess radiation.

How often should you get an X-ray?

The frequency of your X-rays depends on your unique health situation and dental history. Full mouth series of X-rays in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, are usually taken once every three to five years and are recommended for new patients. Bite-wing X-rays which show the top and bottom teeth biting together are taken once or twice a year at regular dental check-ups in Brooklyn, NY.

Any additional X-rays suggested by your dentist are based on your age, your risk of disease, and any signs or symptoms you may have.