Implant-supported dentures or overdentures can be removable or fixed. This removable yet retentive prosthetic requires the placement of two or more tooth implants. If a removable denture is fabricated, the denture will snap onto the tooth implants or an implant-supported apparatus to gain more retention rather than using denture adhesive or paste. Removable dentures can be taken out and easily cleaned on a regular basis.

This technique offers more advantages over regular dentures.

Easy to maintain, this treatment option can simulate the look and feel of natural teeth and stay attached and steady in place with the help of dental implants as extra anchors. Patients will not experience any rocking and movement or gum irritation they have with dentures.

dental implant placement in Brooklyn, NY can also help alleviate the sunken and aged look that results from jawbone loss by stimulating bone growth in the areas around the implant. This process which is known as osseointegration can also help prevent further bone loss.

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