Orthodontics is a subset of dentistry focusing on the detection, prevention, and intervention of bite, face, and jaw irregularities (malocclusions*). Orthodontic treatment in Brooklyn, NY is typically offered by a dental care provider called an orthodontist, who has gone through two or three years of additional training after dental school.

Recent few years have brought about significant changes within the dental field, especially when it comes to orthodontics. Now Brooklyn patients are suffering fewer incidences of cavities and lost teeth because of the heightened awareness and use of fluoride and preventative sealants. This increasing focus on the health of one’s smile has increased the willingness of many to seek out orthodontia not only for health reasons but for cosmetic reasons as well.

Whether it is wires and brackets or removable appliances such as Invisalign®, Brooklyn Dentist can help you get the beautiful, healthy, and straight smile you’ve been wanting!

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*Malocclusion is the medical term for teeth that do not close together correctly. Malocclusions not only affect the health of the teeth but also the symmetry of the face. Most malocclusions are hereditary; however, some are due to harmful habits such as tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. The gap left from a lost adult tooth or an early exfoliation of a deciduous tooth can also contribute to malocclusion.