The Zoom!® Chairside Whitening System is an advanced tooth whitening and bleaching treatment that far surpasses the effectiveness of the hundreds of at-home treatment options. Zoom!® combines proven chemical formulas with new and advanced dental technology to provide you with a pain-free whitening experience.

Teeth become discolored or stained over time due to all sorts of things such as tobacco use and drinking dark liquids like tea, red wine, coffee, or colas. Natural aging and prescription medication use also grays and yellows the teeth.

At-home tooth whitening can be done with take-home strips, take-home whitening gels, bleaching toothpaste, and other quick fixes, but may not give you the results you expected. Zoom!® on the other hand, can be trusted to provide you with a pearly-white smile and improved self-confidence.

Benefits of Zoom!® include:

Longer lasting results

Reduced tooth sensitivity

All teeth are whitened simultaneously

Removal of stains even on veneers, crowns, and other restorations

Faster treatment times

Completely safe procedure and treatment

Besides that, the internal structure of the teeth will remain intact and completely healthy during and after the treatment.

How does Zoom!® work?

The active ingredient in Zoom!® whitening gel is a hydrogen peroxide component (25%) that breaks down into oxygen bubbles as it eliminates staining and yellowing on the teeth. To activate the gel, a mercury metal halide light is used. This specialized blue light uses an infrared filter to reduce heat produced on the surface of the teeth during the procedure.

Before scheduling a Zoom!® appointment, talk to your dentist about what kind of results you can expect Zoom!® to provide you. Results may vary depending on the state of the patient’s teeth.

Those with tooth decay or gum disease cannot receive Zoom!® treatments until those issues are treated. Women who are lactating or pregnant should not consider a bleaching treatment.

How is the Zoom!® performed?

Before the treatment begins, your dentist will give you a rundown on every step of the procedure. Any plaque or debris on the teeth will then be removed with a deep cleaning (prophylaxis). Special eyewear to protect you from the halide light will be provided, as well as a splash guard to protect your clothing from the bleaching agent.

Here is a brief description of the Zoom!® procedure:

  1. Once the treatment begins, cheek retractors will be placed to expose the entire surface of the teeth.
  2. The gums will be covered or painted to reduce their sensitivity.
  3. The Brooklyn Dentist, Dr. Shahin, will then apply the whitening gel to the teeth.
  4. The halide light will activate the gel on all the teeth simultaneously.
  5. The whitening gel will be removed after 15 minutes, and the mouth will be rinsed out. This will be repeated two more times to complete the treatment.

Post-treatment care

Teeth will always be prone to discoloration due to diet or natural causes, and discoloration can quickly work its way back onto the teeth after a Zoom!® treatment. To keep the teeth as white as possible for as long as you can, proper oral hygiene must be practiced immediately.

Dentists recommend flossing at least once a day and thoroughly cleaning the teeth with anti-sensitivity toothpaste twice a day. You can occasionally retreat the teeth with Zoom!® Weekender.

To ask any questions or concerns about the Zoom!® Chairside Whitening System, please contact us at Brooklyn Dentist. Our dentist, Dr. Shahin, and our dental hygienists in Brooklyn, NY are more than happy to help. We treat patients throughout the borough, including those from Fort Greene, Park Slope, Crown Heights, and Brooklyn Heights.